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The art of the earth Art of rural and tribal India is part of our exclusive culture which establishes our authenticity of rich cultural past. The Indian peninsula is a land that portrays cultural and traditional vibrancy through its living cultures and handicrafts. Our place and people have enriched handicraft from almost all regions.Our approach is to represent Indian folk and tribal art on global platform. Folk and tribal art in India takes on different manifestations through varied medium such as pottery, painting, metalwork, paper-art, weaving and designing of objects such as jewelery and toys. The distinction between high and low art is enormous and hence high art being considered more cerebral leaves the abundant folk and tribal to its fate.Folk art plays a powerful and integral role in ethnography and anthropology. It is a living, breathing organic art form which shall never cease to exist. Therefore not only the objects created by the anonymous folk ought to be honored but also the life that makes that possible.
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