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How is Gharcentre's Interior Design Services different than other Interior Design Services?

Gharcentre is a unique marketplace that offers interior design services from professional designers entirely online, which means you can hire an expert to design your space from the comfort of your home, your office, or even on-the-go using your internet-accessible device! In addition, we don't charge hourly fees like other design services. With our service, you'll pay a one-time flat fee per room to receive complete design services as per your selected package, from our talented network of designers.

I'm really not tech savvy. Can I still use your site/services?

Absolutely! With our site, it's easy to see to select your designers, provide feedback and communicate back and forth with your designer. If you ever get stuck, there are real humans here to help you! Email us anytime at support@gharcentre.com, or call us at 011 39 588 755 Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm (IST).

What should I use Gharcentre's design services for?

Whether you are looking to do some basic refurnishing and renovation, spruce up your brand new apartment you are moving into or completely transform your home or office, no project is too big or too small! The flat rate per room model makes it easy for you to add rooms to your design project, or if you prefer to work on one room at a time, that works for us too! We'll help you with every part of your design from the flooring, to the draperies, to the accessories that go on your table. We can help with any interior design project that doesn't require construction!

What does it cost? What is the difference between the different packages?

You pay a one-time flat fee to design your space. No hidden charges or extra billable hours. For Residential projects, our Standard Package, aimed at people looking for an affordable design solution to re-furnish their home is priced at Rs.7500 per room. Our Classic and Platinum Packages, more appropriate for new home owners or people looking to completely transform their home or office, are priced at Rs.14,000 and Rs.20,000 per room respectively, giving you access to our highest rated designers with the most detailed and comprehensive solution for your project.

I am on a strict budget, can my home be designed within my budget?

You can set your budget for your room wherever you feel comfortable; whether you want to spend 10,000 or 10,00,000 on a room, our designers will try their best to work within your budget to create a space that you love.

Is it possible to use my existing furniture and décor?, How do I interact with my designer and be a part of the design process?

After selecting your package, you can interact with your designer through a call, email or through our support team, whatever suits you best. Tell them what you love about your space, what you would like to change, and what pieces you want to give new life to. Our designers will incorporate your treasured items and can find perfect complementary pieces, so you will always get a look that is 100% custom to you.

How does the process work?

After taking our style quiz and providing some information about your space, you'll launch your design project and begin receiving preliminary style boards, also called First Looks, from our designers. After all of your submissions are in (you'll receive at least 2 First Looks boards), you will pick the designer of your choice, who you want to work with. Then, you'll work one-on-one with your designer to complete the design for your space, and once you've approved the final design, your designer will deliver a Final Design Package ( According to your selected package) that includes ( common to all packages) - your final style board(s), a floor plan, set-up instructions and a shopping list complete with links to purchase all of your products from our product section at the click of a button.
Note – The contents of the Final Design Package depend on the package purchased by you, each package includes different levels of details. For a comprehensive and fully detailed Design Package we recommend the Platinum Package.

How long does a design project take?

A design project typically takes about 2 – 4 weeks for a single room project. If you're doing a multi-room project, you'll be put in touch with your designer to coordinate for additional days to finish off your project. Need more time? Contact support@gharcentre.com, and we'll extend your timeline.

How will the designers know what I like?

Designers will look at all of the information you've added to your Design Brief about your personal style and your space. It's important to submit a complete Design Brief as our designers need this to best understand the layout and vision for your space. You will also be given an option in your brief to upload pictures of design ideas and products you like, as well as special instructions for your designer For eg – The use of a particular color or material etc. At least 2 designers will then create an initial First Look based on your preferences, and once you choose your favorite designer, you'll have plenty of time to work together to edit that design until it reflects your vision for your space.

What's a First Look?

A First Look is a preliminary style board, created by a designer and submitted to you for your review during the first phase of your design project. Think of it as a designer's first impression of your space, based on your Design Brief details. Remember, the First Look is not the final design. This is just a starting off point for you and your selected designer. Check out an example board below:

faq image

What if something goes wrong?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! You can reach our Client Services team 24/7 at support@gharcentre.com or use the live chat feature on our site. You can also give us a call at 011 39 588 755 Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm (PST).

How do I get in touch with my designers?

There are a few ways to contact your designers. Once you select the designer you want should design your space, you will be given complete details of the designer and can get in touch with them anytime until the final design brief has been handed over to you. Our designers LOVE hearing your feedback, so don't be shy! Tell your designer exactly what you like, and if you're not a fan of something they put in a Style Board, just let them know.

How often can I reach out to my designer?

From the moment you launch your design project to when your final design package is delivered, you have complete access to your Gharcentre designer via Email Or Phone ( Depending on the preference of both the parties). This is a collaborative process between you and your designer, so don't be afraid to leave feedback or ask your designer any questions you may have . You'll always have a Gharcentre Client Services member on your team, too, so if you run into any issues or have a question along the way, just reach out to support@gharcentre.com or give us a call on 011 39 588 755

Will I be able to communicate with my designer after receiving the final documents (design package)?

Yes, you will be able to communicate via email for up to 15 days after your Final Design Package is delivered. Have questions after the 15 days has passed? Send us a message at support@gharcentre.com

Can I ask for changes after I receive my final design package?

Any questions or comments you have about your final design can be communicated even after receiving your Final Design Package. Our designers want you to have the best experience possible and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you love the design you receive, so if you have any problems or questions, you will be given one additional design change within 15 days of the delivery of your Final Design Package. Can't get ahold of your designer? Send us a message at support@gharcentre.com, and we'll help you out!

If a product becomes unavailable before I purchase it, what do I do?

Your designer can select new options for you if an item is discontinued or is no longer available for purchase within 15 days of receiving your shopping list. After that time, you can reach out to support@gharcentre.com, and our in-house design team can help you find a new option.

Can my designer recommend the amount of finishing materials needed for my space (i.e. tile, cabinetry, wallpaper, etc)?

Prior to our designers recommending and sourcing the finishing materials, we'll require that you have a professional (i.e. a contractor) measure your space and confirm the quantity needed for proper dimensions/coverage of any specified material.

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