Payment & Warranty

Payment Terms

  1. We collect 100% advance payment before arrival of furniture at customer's shipping address. On arrival, we first display the product to the customer for inspection. If any problems arise in the products, customers are asked to fill in the refund/return form, describing the defects in the product, copies of which are then sent to the partner and the products are returned. If everything looks good the products are unpacked and moved inside the customer premises.
  2. We do not have cash on delivery payment option for our products.


  1. All warranties are offered by the partners directly.
  2. Standard warranty of one year is provided by partners on the manufacturing defects. Finishing issues or regular wear and tear does not qualify as manufacturing defect.
  3. Buyer agrees to use the products for its standard use and within its limitations. Partners hold no warranty for inappropriate use/mishandling of products, for e.g., standing on sofa or its arms or standing on table, too much shifting/handling of the products.
  4. There is no warranty offered on any glass and fabric material as they tend to be fragile and need proper care and their life depends on the usage of these products. If the products are faulty on arrival, users can fill the return/refund form describing the defects in detail and appropriate action will be taken.
  5. Warranty covers repairing the defective parts as appropriate. For e.g., if a manufacturing defect is observed in regular use of the product, partner would provide all possible alternatives to fix or minimize the defect. In rare cases, it may require additional payment from customer to rectify the problem depending on the nature of defect.
  6. Partners may charge extra for visit charges. Kindly contact the partner beforehand.

Returns, Refunds & Cancellation

  1. Refund policy – Mode of refund will NEFT ,RTGS.
  2. Cancellation Policy – Cancellation will be accepted before shipping.
  3. Returns are only possible at the time of delivery. Once the item is delivered, partners would be providing all the customer service as covered under the warranty.
  4. Items can be returned only in case of identifiable and provable defects in the products delivered. For any other reason of return, the requests will not be entertained. Users in such cases can contact their partners directly for further requests.
  5. Item is not eligible for returns because of minor finishing/touching issues that may have incurred in shipping and handling of the product. These can be mentioned in the grievance form at the time of delivery and the partners will be notified and asked to provide the required service at a nominal extra charge.
  6. All refunds are processed from our side within 48 hours. We process return from our side in 48 hours and then it may take 10-12 days as per your bank's standard processing time.

Customer Service

  1. We will be available to assist and coordinate with partners as and when required by our customers. Customer must note and acknowledge that GHARCENTRE is not legally liable to provide after sales service as our Terms and Conditions. However, we would make all our efforts to get you the desired level of service from the partner or from our team in case the partner is not able to provide satisfactory service.
  2. Customers must first try to directly contact the partner for any service related to the purchased product. Partners will do their best to provide service in timely fashion. However if customer feels that they are not getting the desired service, our team will be available to coordinate with partners and provide the best service to you.

Shipping and Delivery schedule

  1. All shipping and deliveries are handled by the individual partners on their own for their products. These are all monitored by Gharcentre.For any grievances related to the same, users can directly write to our grievances department at and all required actions will be taken by our team.
  2. Shipping charges are extra and charged as per actual at the time of delivery.
  3. We try our best to deliver your item at the earliest within 5 business days following the day when order is ready with the partners.
  4. Your exact delivery time will be coordinated with you through our sales executive or by the partners directly.
  5. Handling charges for delivering to destination floor other than ground floor are levied extra depending on the floor and whether delivering from stairs or service lift. Handling charges are to be paid at the time of delivery and these charges would be communicated to customers in their confirmation call.
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